Historical Roots Of The New Zealand

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Throughout New Zealand history, historical roots have played a significant role in the development of modern Aotearoa New Zealand. The historical past has shaped various forms of present social dimensions within the nation today. This essay intends to discuss the controversial racial inequality in regards to the relationship between Maori and Pakeha within contemporary New Zealand society. This essay will explore two readings; “Plunder in the Promised Land: Māori Land Alienation and the Genesis of Capitalism in Aotearoa New Zealand” by Wynyard, Matthew and “Stereotypical Construction of the Maori ‘Race’ in the Media” by Wall, Melanie. This essay will also further discuss a brief summary on my personal reflection …show more content…

The three sections discuss the impact of systematic dispossession of Maori land in Aotearoa New Zealand during the nineteenth and early twentieth century. The first section, Wynyard draws on Marx’s theory of primitive accumulation. Primitive accumulation in the New Zealand context is perceived as an alienation of Maori land for colonial settlers. Likewise, it represents a countless amount of force, fraud, and oppression towards Maori in order to operate a capital accumulation. In other words, it is a form of cultural theft in stealing Maori lands and resources (Heim, 1998). Thus, primitive accumulation causes indigenous Maori left with nothing besides selling themselves as labor to work for the European civilization. This concept is similar to how capitalism was formed in the early colonization in Europe through the same progress of stealing the land and the development of agriculture. The second section, Wynyard covers the case of the Native Land Court where he titled the section as the Theft made legal. The Native Land Court is an intention of freeing up the so-called Theft in obtaining legal act through creating the law in a way to benefit the settlers. The main mean of this act is to maintain the system of British law. This law is launched to completely destroy and ignore the Maori laws through establishing courts, institution and land acts that permit them to

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