History Essay: The Reforms of Napoleon Bonaparte

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History Essay Napoleon Very few leaders have had both the luck and the influence of Napoleon Bonaparte. He came to power, mainly, because of the chaos of the French Revolution, and because he was able to manipulate the right people. Becoming the Emperor of a French Empire was an amazing accomplishment for someone who just five years earlier (1799) was a commander of artillery for the revolutionary faction. In 1804 he proclaimed himself Emperor of France, and that started a chain of events which embroiled the country in one of the greatest wars in European history. Most people know Napoleon as the instigator of a drive at the conquest of Europe (with probably the rest of the world in his sights afterward). The coup d'état that he was the leader of was successful in war, for a time, but it was also in building France. It is amazing the reforms Napoleon was able to begin in France while he was staging wars with all of the other major powers in Europe. When Napoleon came to power, he was immediately opposed to the British, who gave asylum to the King of France, and many of his other neighbors. His greatest issue with Britain though was that small strip of water, the English Channel, that lay between the two powers. Napoleon was almost unstoppable, especially in the early years, on land. His armies were incredibly well trained and he had some of the greatest field generals that ever lived. However, his sea campaigns were a disaster. It did not matter that he had better
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