History Is The Most Important Subject Of Education Essay

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I believe history is the most important subject of education. It’s very interesting how it’s found in all other subjects from arts, to sciences, to religion. Consider history’s life in economics. Housing has its story with its suppliers, sellers, buyers and owners. Let’s briefly look at the recent history of this temperamental market in the United States. If we aren’t making progress in this market, how may we begin to do so? The housing crisis in 2007-08 was characterized by the low classes being unable to pay for their mortgages. The housing bubble, reaching its greatest size in 2006, prepared this particular crisis. Decisions made by financial institutions combined with consumers’ decisions about borrowing played major roles in the inflation and burst of the bubble. Many decisions were made because of political influence. Yet, it is as Thomas Sowell stated in his book The Housing Boom and Bust that, “There was no single dramatic event that set this off… A whole series of very questionable decisions made by many people, in many places, over a period of years, built up the pressures that led to the sudden collapse of the housing market and of financial institutions that began to fall like dominoes as a result of investing in securities based on housing prices.” Sowell continues, “The causes of the housing boom and bust have been as general as the flaws and shortcomings of human beings and as specific as the effects of Federal Reserve System policy on interest
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