History Of English Literature II

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Kerri Estep
Essay 2
History of English Literature II
Professor O’Conner
Nature: A Simple Word Jammed With Imagery

William Wordsworth’s “Preface to Lyrical Ballads, with Pastoral and Other poems (1802)” and his poem “Nutting” focus on nature in order to elicit a response from the reader and provoke the senses. These romantic works use different techniques to accomplish the same purpose. Wordsworth utilizes simple language and imagery to accomplish his task. Through his writing he express himself and his ideas in the world around him. The relationship between the author and reader emanates through the personal connection the reader feels when examining the work. Once a reader is emotionally invested and can relate to a piece of literature it makes the experience more interesting and inviting. For this reason, much of Wordsworth’s poetry utilizes common language and vivid imagery to glorify nature. Wordsworth’s distinct style of writing poetry is outlined in his “Preface to Lyrical Ballads.” He endorses the idea that poetry should hold a direct and concise meaning while relating his concepts of beauty and nature to simplicity. He uses simple sentence structures as opposed to complex language and thought provoking ideas because it was within the plainness of nature he found himself and his thoughts. His audiences can interpret and relate to his works due to his utilization of common language. This simple form of poetry rebels against the custom of his predecessors. For…
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