History Of The Mayan Calendar

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Everyone uses Calendars for the importance of knowing the date and time. It’s all used in different ways in ancient times and modern times. Though the stars and the ancient beliefs of gods, it all had different views in calendars through different people. They all have their different purpose on how their calendars are structured. From people around the world that have created calendars, they all have their time and purpose. The discovery and details that we’ve known in the ancient calendars through the Stonehenge, shows the beliefs and references on the moon and the stars. In addition, the ancient civilization relied on motion of bodies through the sky to determine the date of month and season. Similarly, Egyptian Calendars have determined their calendars on the moon cycle but had been changed after the discovery of the “Dog Star”. Beforehand, the Babylonians had 354 day year. Also, the Mayans had also relied on the planet, Venus. The calendar structure and culture of the Mayans had …show more content…

More importantly, the Mayan calendar had confirmed to that the world won't end on December 21, 2012. The empire site in Xultun had helped to understand the structure and features in the building of the Mayans. Professor William Saturno, observing the details had claimed how the paintings had been rare because they "rarely preserve in the tropical environment of Guatemala". It was also discovered the protection of the area by the people in the Mayan empire. The figures and painting in the walls caught the attention which showed date recordings of events. Additionally, the "Obsidian Brothers" that is significant but was not understood. On the east walls, it showed what was said to be the calculator for a Maya astronomer to calculate moon ages. This debunks the Myth of the "End of the world in 2012". The Mayan calendar stretches far beyond this

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