History of American Consumerism

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The concept of free-market played an essential role in making American people in the 1960s believe that it is important for them to fight communism through any means possible. Consumerism had reached a point where it had become indispensable and the benefits that it brought along made it difficult and virtually impossible for the community to express interest in economic systems other than capitalism. One of the principal reasons why the Cold War occurred relates to the West's obsession with materialism and with the fact that this precious concept could be destroyed as a result of communist ideas pervading the Western society.
The 1960s made it possible for Americans to feel that they were in control of their lives and that capitalism provided them with the opportunity to have access to everything they wanted as long as they worked hard in order to get it. The capitalist economic system consolidated the U.S.' position in the world by presenting society with the image of the perfect American life. Americans thus came to associate communism with the denial of everything they believed in and with a future in which they would no longer have access to the values that enabled them to feel happy.
The American Dream itself has come to contain consumerism as one of its most important elements. As a consequence, many Americans believe that communism represents a threat to achieving the American Dream. A society where consumerism would no longer be present is, in the eyes of many,

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