History of Video Games

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Video games have shaped the world your years. Video games have defined us and made us through technology. Some would say they can’t live without video games while others say they would die if they played them. Video games also start franchises, wars, friendships, relationships, and inspiration for those who might one day become a game designer them self. Aside from the gamers and designers, the video game itself is a whole other story. Video games are now-a-days played on consoles and PCs made from the hardware with all the components from it needs to send signals and what not. There is also the code within the video games, one simple action you take in a video game can be maybe 3 to 20 pages worth of code. The creation of video game also have a really cool history as well. In 1943 the first ever computer was built by British engineer, Tommy Flowers. It was a digital programmable computer. In 1952 a Tic-Tac-Toe based game was created by Alexander Douglas. You could say that was the first video game but in 1958 a game called Tennis for Two was created by William Ginbotham and Robert Dvorak. Afterward for people began and started to explore video games. In 1962 Space War was created by Steve Russle but was never released , this started a roar for the first gamers. Wallace Feurzeg creates Playing Doctor in 1963which was a video game that was supposed to teach new nurses the nursing field of their job. In 1971 the first video arcade game was released for public use though it

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