Hiv Is A Disease That Affects Human Immune System

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There are plenty of scary and damaging myths about HIV, most of which exist because people are scared of it. You cannot get it from kissing, sharing exercise equipment, animal scratches, sneezing, and you will not even catch it if somebody ejaculates onto your skin unless they do it onto an open and bleeding wound.

1 - You Can Catch It From Lipstick

Women sharing lipstick will not pass HIV along, nor will kissing women that have shared lipstick. You can catch other things such as Herpes from kissing, and even from sharing lipstick.

2 - HIV Started With A Man Humping A Monkey

This is a very untrue myth. HIV is a disease that affects certain primates. In some it lies dormant and does nothing, but in humans it causes the degradation and destruction of the human immune system. It was and is passed through humans eating primate (monkey) flesh without cooking it properly.

3 - You Can Get HIV From Being Poked With A Needle

This myth came from both a misunderstanding and an urban legend. The urban legend is that people would tie syringes under handrails in tower blocks. People would walk down the stairs with their hands on the rail and be poked by the needle underneath. To the side of the rail is the words, "Welcome to the world of AIDs."

That is the urban legend, but the truth is that it is very difficult to become infected with HIV that way. The virus dies very quickly in open air. However, if there is blood inside the syringe and it is injected into you, then you may

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