Ho Chi Minh City For Outsiders

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“Con trai , chúng tôi đang ở đây.” Those were the first few words my father spoke to wake me up upon landing in my parent’s holy majestic birthplace, Vietnam. Exhausted and excited, I replied back in a tiring voice to my father saying how excited it was to be back in this glorious country in my native tongue, “Cuối cùng , tôi không thể tin rằng chúng tôi đang ở đây.” Father alongside with mother gave a heartwarming smile towards me and I knew, this was going to be the greatest vacation trip ever. “Holymolly, the heat here is absolutely insane!” Those were the first words that came out of my dried mouth after taking my first footstep out of the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, which was located in the largest city of Vietnam, Saigon…show more content…
“Hãy giữ, di chuyển, các xe buýt ở đằng kia,” mother’s voice echoed across the noisy street crowd. My mother patted me on the shoulder, which shook me out of my eyes from staring into the city scene, and guided the entire family to a bus, with a shady looking driver, calmly waiting for us with a stern look that signaled “Another day, another family to drive for.” “Alright, let’s go everyone, come on Tina, Tony,” those words barely came out of my mouth that was covered with sweat because of how humid the air was. Tony, my adorable 3 or 4-year old cousin held onto my right hand with both of his small chubby hands as we stepped aboard onto this large piece of moving metal. The bus was a Mercedes and the entire body was colored in a rich red, very eye catching and the color of the vehicle reminds me a magazine where I saw similar buses located in London. Gigantic enough to fit at least five families and maybe a couple of pets as well. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little about that, but, it’s pretty darn huge! Big enough to fit my two parents, Tina and Tony’s parents, grandparents, and another family from Australia that we’ll be picking up in a few moment.. Stepping onto the bus’s creaky floor, it made a bunch of sound that you would hear when stepping on vintage broken wooden stairwells. The sound made my body shudder with an eerie feeling that made me thought this bus was super sketchy
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