Hobbes Writings Of Political And Moral Philosophy

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Hobbes writings of political and moral philosophy remain some of the most influential and important reference points in contemporary affairs. One drive in human nature, fear, is a central theme in his works regarding political thought. His thesis works with ideas that order consists of existing harmoniously through avoidance of both danger and the manipulating fear of civil conflict, which can be achieved through our entire faith in single, unaccountable sovereignty of a person or group. Firstly, Hobbes remains a key political philosopher because of his revolutionary political and moral thought. Although innovative, some view his work as simplistic, assuming his work is a form of reductionism in which basic being consists of primitive …show more content…

He discusses the prescribed importance of people’s rights to hold beliefs in matters of religion, but that persons do not have duties to God that are superior to the duty we have to obey political authority. He insists on the necessity of definitions in relation to authentic tangible experiences as part of his respect to empiricism. His fixation on an arguably mechanical method of politics is inextricably linked to the deductive sciences, in which workings of things are produced through rudimentary principal values and genuine definitions of fundamental elements. His work in Leviathan suggests that what we must do varies, depending on context and situation. If it is so that political power is lacking, it appears we must prioritise ourselves over government. If there exists political power, we are obliged to be dutiful and obedient to it. Following Hobbesian distinctions, we can distinguish ethics from politics. Hobbes claims ethics are associated with human nature whilst philosophy of politics concerns itself with the interaction between human beings. Human nature is easily malleable and fragile because of our inability to know; methods of comprehension are based in fallible language and influence according to Hobbes. Human nature, he believes, is analogous of a machine in which political establishment, or the

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