Holden Caulfield Becoming An Adult

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Everybody at some point has to grow up. everybody will, sooner or later, have to adopt the responsibility that comes with adulthood. Holden Caulfield, the protagonist in The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger, is experiencing major growth throughout the book. This is evident through Characterization, Holden’s thoughts and realizations, and Plot events throughout the story. Throughout the book, Holden gives the impression to be reluctant and resistant to grow up and be an adult. He favors the companionship of more mature and intelligently developed children like Phoebe, his younger sister over most adults or older people, like Sally Hayes, Old Spencer and so on. Holden also consistently calls many adults “phony” as he is not fond of their fraudulent actions. Despite Holden’s resistance of adulthood, he still does undergoes many changes in his actions that shows he is maturing and becoming an adult, as well as becoming part of and accustomed too many parts of adult life. …show more content…

When Mr. Antolini tells him that quote about maturing, and Holden “truly thinks about it”. This depicts that holden's reflecting on what becoming an adult means. Now that Holden is willingly accepting that he will eventually transfer into adulthood, and is discovering how to do that correctly. when Holden is thinking of growing up and becoming is adult is evident when he visits a museum on page... Holden eventually discovers that “the museum never changes - the only thing that changes is you”. Holden registers that he is adapting to adulthood and is coming to terms with it. Holden is continually pondering the transformation into adulthood, so that means he is changing, figures out that he is changing, and is coming to terms with it

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