Holden Caulfield Change

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Society today continues to grow towards the glorification of unique objects, that become very important to a person. These objects obtain strong power, that can become very influential in a person's life, whether it be good or bad. J.D Salinger in The Catcher in the Rye, uses Allie and the ducks from the pond in Central Park, to portray the theme that change is a very difficult transition for many people.

Holden's brother, Allie, contributes to Holden's difficulty to the idea of change, and takes part in his mental breakdown that impacts his life for the worse. Holden Caulfield goes through life mourning the death of his younger brother, Allie, who passes away from Cancer. In this state of depression, Holden learns more about how his life was very affected from the loss of someone so important to him, even though he doesn't admit it. Holden, at a point of his story, talks about a special baseball mitt that his brother, Allie, had used before his death. The glove has poems written in …show more content…

In possible hopes of making himself feel better towards the idea of change, Holden would ask his cab drivers about the ducks in the pond. He would ask where the ducks go in the winter, do they stay? Or do they leave. In other words, Holden could be characterizing the ducks to a person, and to relate them to the concept of change. Within the text, Holden takes a cab ride and asks about where the ducks go for the winter. ""The fish, they don't go no place. They stay right where they are, the fish. Right in the goddamn lake." "The fish, that's different. The fish is different, I'm talking about the ducks." " what's the difference?"" (Salinger, 82) Holden's curiosity gets the best of him when he asks where the ducks really go. The ducks represent the concept of change. He asks his cab driver’s and other secondary character throughout his journey about the ducks and where they

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