Holden Caulfield's Writing Style Of Holden Salinger

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Salinger perfectly captivates themes of death, protection of innocence, and individualism in this novel. His writing style easily conveys Holden Caulfield’s thoughts to the audience without blurring anything together. The abundance of details and information in this novel separates it from others. Over the time span of a couple days, you hear every thought rushing through Caulfield’s brain and eventually know him like the back of your hand. By the end of the book, you will have a deep connection to him and understand his beliefs.

The writing style of Salinger is what makes this book amazing. He writes the book as if he were rambling on and on about something. With this style of writing, the constant stream of thoughts from Caulfield allows the audience to connect with him on a deeper, more emotional level. I noticed several different patterns he repeated in this book. One of the more prominent patterns was his tendency to state something then reassure himself in the next sentence. For example, when Salinger wrote,” I said it suave as hell. I really did.”. This technique made Caulfield come across as insecure and unsure of himself. Salinger also contradicted Caulfield’s beliefs in this novel numerous times. When Salinger writes, “I’m very fond of dancing, sometimes…”, it makes Caulfield’s character split into two different sides: one side of Caulfield wanting to conform to society to not feel lonely while the other not wanting to be a phony. Salinger repeats many different

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