Homage Kenneth Koch

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‘Homage Kenneth Koch’ is an intriguing poem written by Allen Ginsberg in 1977. Allen utilizes many literary components to send out a message of the politics and pollution that our world faces by using the prosaic chore of doing laundry to symbolize how he wants to fix the problems across the globe. The big idea this poem portrays is how the world needs a wash to clean the conflict in the word.

‘Homage’ is one big exaggeration and analogy, it insinuates to the pollutions, politics, war and extinction that the world suffers from. The surface of the poem is about several countries and places, and with each country he mentions how he would wash the imminent country/place in the laundry and what he would clean it of. The laundry machine acts …show more content…

At first, I overlooked ‘Homage Kenneth Koch’ and focused on the more recognized ones in our class but looking through the poetry book, I came across the political poem in wonder and surprise. But before I read through it thoroughly, I was confused as to what these words mean, fairly enough, I was perplexed and lost. But I read through it again after reading all the other poems and realized this held a deeper meaning behind these convoluted words. I ended up liking the singularity of the poem but found ‘bleach the little Clouds so snow return white as snow,’ on verse 3 rather confusing so it ended up being my least favored of all lines. One of my favourite line was on the last stanza ‘let it sit 20 minutes or Aeon till it came out clean’ because the author clearly stated that there would be an indefinite amount of time to be able to clean the world and I agreed with that statement, for that reason it stood out. In response to the poem, I was very entertained and loved the

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