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Home In my home, we had two big rooms one build for my mom and dad and the other was ours me and my sister and our older brother. The rooms were spaced apart about 20-30 feet apart, no paint inside or outside the rooms just red bricks and cement between with one window in each room with no glass just a space were we can site and hang our feet. Walking outside my room on a rainy day the smell of mud over whelms me but I loved the smell our huge yard would be covered with mud but there was no air conditioner so the muddy yard brought a cool breeze and a smile to my face. Really doesn’t sound like paradise but it was to me it was our house until the day I heard we were moving to an unknown place that never existed to me. I heard a loud noise from across my room, I peek my head outside our glassless window, my brother takes off running outside our room kicking up dust as usual running around the corner to my uncles who was our right hand neighbor, all our neighbors across the street and the ones beside us are all outside staring, some screaming, and others confuses but me kind of out of words to say anything, my sister tugging at my shirt and pulling me at same time screaming we have to run across to the neighbors before that happened my brother is back with my uncle and others all out of breath. On top of my parents’ room is a huge gorilla jumping up and down beating on his chest over and

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