Homelessnesslessness : The Causes Of Homelessness In The Crucible

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Homelessness. Why are the homeless so frowned upon? I see them in the streets, looking a little helpless, where many people pass them by as if they were never there. They are ridiculed and forced out of any place they seek to take refuge. There are more than 100 million homeless people in the world(Homeless world cup foundation), and I wanted to better understand their point of view on their situation as well as those who are more fortunate. I also wanted to find how we can change our mindsets on them. I already knew that most homeless people aren’t liked much, but why? Where do they go? How does being homeless effect yourself and others? What makes most people turn away from them ten times before they would ever try to help them? Some of them may technically deserve to be there, but for some it’s not entirely their fault. It could be that their parents weren’t successful and they didn’t get many chances in life, or maybe they lost a limb and aren’t able to work for themselves. Whatever the case, I believe we need to start looking at them as human beings rather than objects begging for our money. Similar to the Witch Hunts, the homeless are ridiculed and talked down to in many cases.Through The Crucible, Ebsco and Gale, I have found that in most places, especially Ireland, the homeless are pushed out of any place they try to stay, whether they want to leave or not. I believe that It’s easy to ridicule and push down the homeless because they don’t have much power or

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