Homework Assignment : Vitro Fertilization ( Ivf )

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Polina Lopatkina 09/13/2015 Homework assignment In Vitro Fertilization In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – is a procedure in which a woman 's egg is artificially fertilized by a man 's seed outside of a body. Infertility is common – nearly 10 % of couples face that problem. If a couple is trying to have a baby for a year and doesn 't have any results it means that it is the time to visit a doctor and discuss different treatment methods including IVF. For more than 35 year IVF helps a lot of people all over the world to have a baby. From the first successful case of a “test tube baby” in 1978 it is a controversial topic for people whether it is a good idea to have a baby with the help of technologies or not. People believe that the procedures are too expensive, can cause health issues, give too much freedom in selecting the features of a baby. According to Stephen Baird, scientists nowadays go farther in exploring a human 's body genes code. Having an access to DNA cells allows to search for specific characteristics of a future baby. It all begins from looking for different pathologies or diseases in order to create a healthy child; then it gives a chance to people to select a gender, characteristics like eye color or height or even to find necessary qualities that will be used like a donor for a sick sibling. A boy from England had a blood disease that required a lot of medications and blood transfusions. He got help from his accurately selected in a tissue match

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