Homework Is Too Much Of Homework

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Homework has been around a long time. In fact, the first school made in the world was believed to be built sometime between 140 BC and 143 BC. While studies have proven that homework can have benefits, too much of it can be bad for students. Homework can take away their time for family/activities and can cause negative health effects. The amount of homework assigned to students should be decreased. One of the reasons student’s shouldn’t be receiving large amounts of homework is because it can cause many negative health effects. According to recent studies, doing excessive amounts of homework can cause headaches, sleep deprivation, and weight loss. This means that students that are assigned lots of homework can be prone to many negative …show more content…

On the contrary, excessive amounts of homework can be counterproductive and can actually bring students grades down. Large amounts of homework can work against students AND their grades. An experiment (by the Australian Institute of Family Studies) watched 10,000 students around the world, and concluded that those with massive loads of homework were actually achieving lower scores. If students are assigned a lot of homework, they will simply get tired/bored of doing it and will not learn anything from it. Also, if the teacher does not go over any of the assignments handed out, and a student doesn’t get it, then it could influence his/her grades on the next tests. For example, when students learn a topic in math, that topic usually incorporates itself into the next topic. If the student has a hard time with a simple topic, and then moves into the next unit that builds upon the simple topic, he/she will fall behind. To summarize, doing some homework is good for students. The problem occurs when they are assigned large amounts of homework. I believe that doing a little homework each night is beneficial, but when the time spent doing homework increases it can have an overall negative impact on the student. Another reason students should not be receiving excessive amounts of homework is because it can influence students mentally and emotionally. It has been proven that when students

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