Hond The World 's Largest Automobile Distributors

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Kolin Lakatos BUS 122 WO3 Joan Day 02 February 2017 Honda Honda is one of the world’s largest automobile distributors. It is a worldwide car company that makes many different products including motorcycles, automobiles, and power products with creating a new business making aircraft and aircraft engines. Honda is striving to become a sustainable enterprise with multiple present and future goals followed by remarkable statistics. Honda is known for motorcycles, automobiles, and power products. After World War II, Honda began making motorcycles. The use of auxiliary engines in bikes were huge because it made it easier for people to transport goods and get around town. This had spread quickly into Japan, which is a heavily populated…show more content…
In 1973, they created the Honda Civic with a CVCC engine. This was the first car engine that was accepted by the United States “Clean Air Act” or also known as the “Muskie Act.” In 1989, they introduced a vehicle with a VTEC engine that helps with low fuel consumption and a high output, at an advanced level. With that being said, Honda has great things to offer in the near future. One of their next goals is to make a clarity fuel cell, a new fuel cell vehicle that emits only water. This will represent Hondas renewed determination to realize a sustainable society and continue to present a new value toward this specific goal. Honda has joined in making power products as well. Power products including lawn mower, snow blowers, generators, and other household products. The production of power products started in 1953 when they made the general-purpose engine. For more than sixty years they have been making diverse products that help people in many different ways. Honda offers fuel efficiencies and reliability to customers. They have produced 120 million units of these products in over 150 countries. Honda continues to bring new ideas in regards to saving energy. In November 2015, Honda created the Walking Assist Device which helped assist people with walking. This device was only issued to people in Japan and it was based on the human theory of walking. They plan to continue to develop products that could help someone in their everyday life. In my opinion, Honda is
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