Honor In Henry IV Part One

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In Shakespeare’s play, “Henry IV Part 1”, the concept of honour plays a huge role in the characters. Shakespeare’s presents the concept of honour through the characters like Falstaff and Hotspur to give readers a reflection on individual’s personality and values. For Hotspur, honour feelings relate to commitment towards his chivalric duty on the battlefield, an obsession about reputation and good name. Whereas, Falstaff views on honour are totally opposite. Falstaff, a coward man lack the concept of honour. For him it is a just a word that goes fades away with time and person. Falstaff view honour dangerous to soldiers getting one nowhere and lastly, honour is just an image that he wants to represent in the eyes of other. He is concerned …show more content…

Hotspur is “a son who is the theme of honour tongue,” (1.1.80) who keeps his words and is commitment. Hotspur fought at Holmeden against Archibald, using gun firing, fighting fearless, taking men to prisoners. As King said, “Hotspur took these men prisoner: Douglas’ son Mordake, the Earl of Fife; as well as the Earls of Athol, Murray, Angus and Menteith (1.1.70-74). Hotspur fearless and coming back successful in battle made King Proud. King compares Hotspur royalty with his son Harry, who has been dishonour. King Henry thinks that Northumberland is blessed to have a son like …show more content…

Instead, he moves on thinking winning is an impossible victory he said, “To push against a kingdom, with his help/ We shall o’erturn it topsy-turvy down./ Yet all goes well, yet all our joints are whole( 4.1.81-83). The absence of his father and Glendower is seen as a great chance for him to represent himself. The things that made him seem honorable started to represent him as unfit in his position and to lead a country, bringing him downhill. Hotspur was becoming impatient and rash. Defeating the king army was seen as a challenge for hotspur which would make his honour more strong, representing his reputation more strong in society and for himself. Hotspur view of honour is about winning the battlefield by defeating king army, being in the good reputation even though King was the main character who helped him to the throne at first place. For him, rather than being thankful and paying off for the goodness to the king, he is going against the king by fighting his army, who he think is effecting his honour. According to Hotspur, respect, commitment and truth is Honour. Even though Hotspur found out that king army included forty thousand people, while his army included less people, he was not afraid to dye as Hotspur said, “ Forty let it be/ the powers of us may serve so great a day/ Come, let us take a muster speedily/ Doomsday is

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