Honorable And Corrupt In Julius Ceesar In The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

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When you think of the words honorable and corrupt what immediately comes to mind? When I think of the word honorable I think of someone with great pride and honor. When I think of the word corrupt I think of someone wanting everything trying to be a dictator. . When Shakespeare wrote the play “The tragedy of Julius Caesar ” he wrote about a lot of honorable and ambitious men. I will be expressing my feelings about how Mark Antony is a very honorable man, and Brutus is a very corrupt man. Mark Antony is one of the most honorable men is this play. The first reason I believe this is because he stood by his friend, Julius Caesar even after his tragic death. Antony was very unrecognized by a lot of people, yet he stood by Caesar even when he was getting all of the attention. He didn’t push Caesar when he refused the crown. Secondly, he is very honorable because he used language as a powerful weapon. An outstanding vocabulary, and a fairly decent train of thought can persuade usually anybody because of the fact that our minds are pretty manipulative. Language can definitely be a factor in manipulation towards anybody thoughts. If you have a skilled person suggesting or provoking new ideas they believe are for the better and they actually sound like they know what they're talking about, then most anybody will agree and follow in their footsteps. If someone says something that we like are minds are easily persuaded to follow them. For example, for class officers if that one person

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