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Everyone has a busy schedule. I have a lot on my plate at the moment and I'm only a junior. This year has been the hardest school year in my entire life and I've never experienced anything like this. Looking at my school schedule, I knew I was going to be facing a lot of homework. Sports were going to be difficult to handle because of the teams ahead of me. My other extracurricular activities will be fun for the most part, but there will be a lot of time commitment issues I will have to face. Moreover, this also leads to what I want to learn in this Honor's English III class. Looking at school, I had an okay first semester. I started the morning with Algebra II and photography, which was a class I really enjoyed. Then my advisory is with the ASB officers and we either do homework or we talk about events we are planning for our school in the future. From lunch, I had AP U.S. History and then I'm a TA (teacher's assistant) for my mom and then go to yoga. Seems like I had an easy semester at first. Nevertheless, that was my feeling until the second semester came. I now have three hard classes in a row. That includes pre-calc and this class, Honor's English III, along with my AP U.S. History. I still TA for my mom and have yoga, but those three hard classes make academics a little …show more content…

First off, I'll definitely need to work on time management, that's my worst quality! Another thing that sticks out to me that I need to work on is my grammar when writing a paper and reading comprehension of hard books such as the Great Gatsby. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to succeed this second semester no matter how much stress there will be to handle or how many tears I'll probably cry out. I know I'll get through it because it takes time and patience to go through difficult times and I know God is willing to put faith in me, give self confidence and push myself out of my comfort

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