Hope In The Metamorphosis

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In Franz Kafka’s novella “The Metamorphosis”, Gregor Samsa is a travelling salesman who has been turned into a “monstrous vermin” overnight. The story follows the events that happen after this transformation, such as how the different family members treat Gregor. At the end of the book Gregor dies, and the novella concludes with the family future plans after Gregor’s death. After reading the novella, I think that looking at the ending of of the novella, the readers are definitely left with a sense of hope because the future prospects of the family are very promising, and the family also has a clear future for their daughter. To begin, when the family discusses about their future, it can be seen that there is hope for a chance in receiving stable …show more content…

Grete was always regarded as too young and immature to be of help before Gregor’s transformation, probably because Gregor had been the main supporter of the family. Due to Gregor’s metamorphosis, however, Grete was given responsibility of things that the rest of the family didn’t want to do, such as giving Gregor food, and also had to work at a job in order to further support the family. Therefore, after Gregor’s death, the parents finally realise the maturity and responsibility that Grete possesses, and thinks about how “their daughter was blossoming into a well built and beautiful young lady… they agreed that it would soon be time to find a good man for her” (page 44). With a fresh new start and a daughter who has lots of potential, it is not unclear that the parents are gaining confidence in their new post-Gregor’s death life. Being recognised by her parents, Grete has also found confidence and as the book has, “was the first to get up and stretch out her young body” when leaving the tram they were on. With all these positive changes being noticed, I think it is beyond argument that there is hope that is lingering around, not only in the novella, but also around the

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