Hope Vs. Despair In The Great Gatsby

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In the Great Gatsby there is always a recurring theme of hope vs. despair and over the course of the book the character's ambition drives there hope that the worst won't happen. The hope changes them to either be better or worse off than before and in some cases it causes despair. We see this in many of the main characters of the story, they have a hope for the future to be better.
During the first chapter we learn that from Nick that Gatsby is a very optimistic and hopeful man. He's done his best to prosper in life but we learn that he has hopes for more. Also we learn that his hope is what drives other characters. Then we find out through Jordan that Gatsby wants to meet with Daisy but is afraid. That is why he always holds such lavish parties, Jordan tells Nick,"I think he half expected her to wander into one of his parties..,but she never did.". Later in the story after Gatsby has spilled the beans of he and Daisy's affair he hopes and waits for her to come to him. In the end she does not and this is where we actually see a genuine act of despair in Gatsby, "Nothing happened.., I waited, about four o'clock she came to the window and stood there for a minute..". Overall, Gatsby goes through having his hopes crushed entirely by the end of the novel. But the hope he actually had was false because all along he knew what he had dreamed for wouldn't really work out and you can see this in many chapters of the book.
For the duration of the novel Daisy seems to be full of

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