Horst Gasthaus Argumentative Essay

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Horst Gasthaus offers authentic German cuisine in a cozy, homey atmosphere. The tables and chairs are spaced evenly apart so you aren’t bumping elbows with your neighbor. Start out with some German potato pancakes, sautéed mushrooms or goulash soup before moving on to an entrée like the pork chop, bratwurst, or Bavarian goulash. Horst Gasthaus offers a senior special on all entrées for those 55 and older. During dinner hours there is live entertainment of an accordion player that plays German tunes. There are several combination plates available such as the Deutsche sausage plate with 1 bratwurst, 1 knackwurst and 1 bauernwurst or the Horst Gasthaus Plate with sauerbraten, bratwurst, knackwurst dumpling, red cabbage and sauerkraut. Finish the

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