Hospital Level Disinfection Prevention

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A successful and responsible salon needs to do all it can to prevent fungal, skin, and nail infections in the course of their business routines. When we think of effective methods for controlling the spread of potentially infectious organisms, we often focus on sanitizing, disinfection and sterilization. The fact is that thorough cleaning procedures can have a huge impact on an effective infection control program. Chemically eliminating infectious organisms is an important goal, but cleaning and rinsing can create a safer environment by removing organisms from items, reducing their population to below infectious levels, or exposing them to the efficacious effects of the biocides you are using. Effective infection prevention requires that each …show more content…

Cleanliness of equipment and implements is the most important step to preventing nail infections and cross contamination. Tools/implements such as nail clippers, cuticle cutters, files, etc. should be cleaned and disinfected using an EPA Registered Hospital Level Disinfectant that is effective against Hepatitis B or is Tuberculocidal. One of the most effective methods for cleaning implements is the use of an ultrasonic cleaner. While this device is usually capable of working with delicate items, some pieces of equipment may have instructions regarding immersion in water or exposure to specific cleaning solutions. Before placing any implement/tool into the ultrasonic cleaner, refer to the manufacturer and inquire whether or not this is a suitable option, as well as what cleaning solutions are most appropriate for the tools being cleaned. If the workplace will need to switch between multiple solutions, or operate multiple ultrasonic cleaners simultaneously, the solutions currently in each cleaner should be clearly marked and all employees briefed on which tools are associated with which cleaner. This will help ensure that tools are not harmed by the cleaning …show more content…

Infections spread from client to employee and vise versa are not uncommon when the proper steps of workplace cleanliness are not taken. Besides the aspect of safety, legal consequences come into play. A business could take a serious hit in profits, have a lawsuit filed against them, or even be shut down by the FDA or OSHA. Most applications in the salon or spa will require cleaning, sanitizing, and/ or disinfection. Make sure the products you use are diluted properly, are used for the proper exposure time, and are compatible with the implements or surfaces on which they are

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