Housing Options For The Poor

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Housing Options for the Poor in the United States Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Housing Options for the Poor in the US Introduction Adequate and proper housing is a central cog of people’s lives. Housing is more significant to people’s lives than other necessities such as clothing and food. For many families, proper housing has often been at the center of their aspirations. As a factor that is so central to the well-being of the society and greatly impacts on the economy of the country, housing has even been emplaced in the United Nations human rights declaration. However, not all people get to enjoy the many benefits and comfort that come with owning a decent home. Vale (2015) stated that to think about …show more content…

Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to examine the housing issue and explore probable housing options for the poor in the US. Housing affordability and nature of the problem To recognize effective and efficient options that can be used to address housing problems among the poor, it is integral for one to first develop and understanding of the concept of affordability and appreciate the real extent of the problem. Housing affordability refers to the ability of households to meet the rising costs of housing without imposing unnecessary constraints on other non-housing consumptions (Yang, & Chen, 2014). The entire concept of affordable housing takes into consideration all the needs of households with insufficient income to grant access to houses on the market without assistance. Therefore, housing options for the poor refers to strategies that can be implemented to enable the lower income households pay for or obtain appropriate housing units without experiencing excessive financial burden. Owing to the complexity surrounding the concept of housing affordability and the difficulty in measuring the degree pf affordability problems, the challenge remains how to identify or devise relevant solutions. Nevertheless, despite the complexities in measuring housing affordability, it is clear that housing affordability is a major

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