How Americans Are Not Getting What They Came For America?

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Since its discovery North America has been a home for the dreamers, the desirous, and the world changers. This can be attributed to many things, but the idea is always consistent. America holds a promise; holds a certain kind of hope. Some call it luck, but others would call it the American dream. The idea that one can take nothing and turn it into something beautiful and new is at the root of our civilization. Though in the past half a century, America and its economy has drastically changed, as options for the poor have been taken away, and their ability to become successful has been stripped away by cooperations. This topic has been examined by articles such as Crumbling American Dreams, The Pernicious Economic Trap of Low Wages, and …show more content…

In Nickel and Dimed, Barbara talked on this topic. "To be a member of the working poor is to be an anonymous donor, a nameless benefactor, to everyone else. As Gail, one of my restaurant co workers put it, 'you give and you give. '" (Ehrenreich 221). When people have expendable income, they have the ability to relax while still enjoying great luxuries in life. These people can take more for themselves. As a member of the working poor you aren 't given that option. You can only work and give of yourself in return for survival, nothing extra or to be enjoyed. This is contrary to the American Dream, which advocates for rewards and enjoyment for one 's hard work. But this is an unattainable dream for those working low wage jobs. The low wages also take away the option of resting or taking time off because the people cannot make it without the money for that day. This amount of daily work with no breaks can be very taxing on a person as Ehrenreich considers. "If you hump away at menial jobs 360-plus days a year, does some kind of repetitive injury of the spirit set in?" (106). Barbera is reflecting on the mental effects of this much work and stress nonstop over the entire course of ones life. She feels like the stress will have a negative long term affect on someone and their spirits. This all is an effect of the low wages paid to these workers. This also leads to a lack of choice for

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