How And Authority In George Orwell's Shooting An Elephant

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Our life of various kinds of decisions. Now then, how many times a man faces a difficult situation where he should make a momentous decision? Many times and, unfortunately, sometimes people are forced to do some things that they do not want to do. So, in the essay "Shooting an Elephant" George Orwell describes on his personal experience how and authority influences people to sacrifice their own principles. I believe that all people need in a harmony with oneself and not bend before others to try to satisfy other people's needs.
Firstly, when I read Orwell's work I was really shocked, my feelings were vague like my mind was in a haze. The writer tells about his life back in Burma as a police officer. I felt the struggle because of …show more content…

It was even dangerous for Orwell himself, he was just worried about what he should do not to lose his face in front of people who would laugh at him later.
This essay opened my eyes to the people's obsession with public opinion. People become so pressed that they start satisfy needs of others instead of doing what they really want to do. I remember my high school years very clear and right now I understand that at some points I have experienced this obsession and pressure. When I went to my high school, I was pressured by circumstances. I did not know anyone because it was a new school for me and I had to build relations with teachers and classmates. I was new at my high school, so, I had to be over friendly with people, show teachers that I am a good student and the most important idea that I had to be very quiet and keep my mouth closed. I was quiet because I did not want people to think that I am a white crow. If I think about this situation I see that at least other students had a significance because they were not new at this school and stuff, and teachers – all already knew them and because of this fact my classmates had more benefits than I had. Teaches were more willing with help to other students more than help to me because, I believe, they had a prejudice about me and some sort of expectations. At that time at high school I had not been understanding that I almost became a chameleon for

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