How Can A Christian Be A Biologist? Essay

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How can a Christian be a Biologist? In my opinion, a Christian can be a biologist, because in this field of science you are surrounded by proof of a spectacular creation. Biologists can see the perfect alignment of the universe in the creation of cells, new life, and systems that are so intricately detailed with checks and balances. For example, this can be seen in cell division or apoptosis. I can answer this question of how a Christian can be a Biologist with a quote from the book Biology Through the Eyes of Faith by Richard T. Wright that says, “The Scriptures proclaim that creation declares its maker, and that the testimony of the creation is so strong that we are without excuse if we do not see in it the evidence of a Creator God.” Even though biologists can see the magnificence of God’s world through their work, it is also easy to see The Fall. We have recently learned about proto-oncogenes, oncogenes, and tumor suppressor genes. The mutations in genes that cause cancer or misregulation could be signs of The Fall, in how they affect an individual and their family’s lives. Although I believe in God, the Savior, I shamefully have doubts about creation. I look at my doubts as tests of faith, and pray that I will surmount these tests, and that through biology, I can gain an even stronger faith in God. It seems as if some modern scientists use science to disprove faith, but for me, science proves faith. Two fault lines that are controversial for me between science and

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