How Can We Make School Rugby League Safer?

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When you’ve Battled for every point, when you’ve made every bone-crunching tackle and every grinding scrum count, when you’ve believed in every single man around you and dug deep into the reserves of your soul you can look each other in the eye and know your crown may be taken away, but not without a fight,’ Benji Quinton Marshall aka ‘The NRL Step King’. Being a professional rugby player is mentally and physically tough, it can either make you lots of money or put you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. Its amazing how rugby players put their life on the line every single time they step on the field, why do they do that, simple, because its not just a game to them, it 's a way of life. The main reason people turn down rugby is…show more content…
Another tackle that is causing havoc is the crusher tackle which is when the tackler jumps on them on the floor in order to stop them from moving, in which can crush the ribs and cause some real serious damage. The last tackle that has heaps of reports of injury’s is the cannonball tackle which is when the tackler jumps into a running player in order to knock them on the ground, this is deadly for both players because they can easily have a head collision and smash each others skull. The only positive of tackling is that you can stop the other team from scoring a try, but that 's it, on the other hand the negatives of tackling goes on and on. The main four negatives of tackling is that you are putting your most valuable of the body on the line (your head), straight in the way of other players wanting to hurt you and stop you from getting that point for your team. Another negative is that it can put your legs on the line and possibly stop you from walking forever ‘You Cant run without you legs’ meaning that in order to take down the biggest players it is best to tackle their legs and let them use their weight to take them down. The main problem with tackling the legs is that if they miss the side and get the front of the knee they could cause all kinds of problems. Another negative of tackling is that you are always getting slammed on your back, this is such a big problem because if it happens enough it can stop you from ever being able to lift

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