How Cool Would It Be A Tiger As A Pet?

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How cool would it be to have a tiger as a pet? Is a mere dog not interesting enough? Well, who said a chimpanzee cannot be a man’s best friend? As cool as it may seem to have an exotic creature as a pet, the responsibilities to take care of it are very demanding and expensive. Having that animal as a pet would mean you know its diet, its natural habitat, and its capabilities. The issue at hand is that citizens are removing animals out of their natural habitat without taking the animal’s needs into consideration. With great “beasts” comes great responsibility. Not knowing how to care for an exotic animal could result in consequences that would be too great for one human alone. Therefore, citizens should not be able to buy exotic …show more content…

While they do hunt for deer, buffalo, and wild boar, humans are not on their list of appetizers. With that being said, it is not morally fair to take a tiger from its habitat for the sake of enjoyment and new life conditions. Tigers are not meant to be kept as pets, for their prowess far exceeds the powers of an ordinary man. Unless they have not eaten a meal in weeks or they feel threatened, a tiger will not attack a human. In the same sense, humans should not disrupt the principles of nature by capturing an exotic animal and making it their own. As prominent as an individual’s tiger is, one of its possible threats to society could be microscopic and unseen. the citizen’s new pet could be a host to multiple diseases that are not common to the envionrment that the citizen may live in. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals gives multiple examples of diseases that can infect humans such as, “ chlamydia, giardia, hepatitis A, rabies, ringworm, tuberculosis, measles,monkey pox,... and arthropods,” just to name a few. These diseases range from minor to fatal, and it is not likely that the dealer who gave that individual the exotic creature will tell the owner about the diseases it possibly has. As the animals are forcefully migrated to the comfort of their new prison known as home, the diseases come as an uninvited guest, and the pathogens could affect the surrounding citizens

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