How Did Aaron Burrr Contribute To The American Revolution

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Chloe Bess
Mr. Schoon - Period 6
American Revolution Research Paper
6 December 2017

American Revolution: Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr contributed to the American Revolution by being George Washington’s aide in the Continental Army. He graduated from the New Jersey College, or what is now known as Princeton University, at age 17 and used his intelligence to help Washington in the war. Also, he joined the Continental Army in 1775 and soon had distinguished himself during the Patriot attack on Quebec. He is credited with trying to evacuate the body of General Richard Montgomery who was killed in action. Later after the war, he defeated Alexander Hamilton’s father-in-law in a race for Senate, which made Alexander angry and caused him to turn on him. He also served as a state attorney in 1790, lost against Jefferson in a race for vice presidency due to Alexander’s actions in 1796, and eventually returned to the New York Assembly.
Aaron was one of the most brilliant graduates to come from New Jersey College, or what is now known as Princeton University. He at first went to college for theology at the age 13, but then later changed his career to studying law as he got older. He then joined the Continental Army as an officer/Washington’s aide and used his high intelligence to help during his time in the war. He led a 300-mile trek taking part in the Battle of Quebec; he to distinguished himself on the battlefield. Also, during the retreat from Manhattan, he saved an army of troops in a

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