How Did Architecture Influence The Development Of Roman Architecture

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Writing Assignment Unit 7
HIST 1421 – Greek and Roman Civilization
By Robert Wright

The Development of Roman Architecture Ancient Roman concrete is one of the greatest achievements to architecture since the creation and shaping of limestone by the Egyptians when building the great pyramids. Roman concrete structures today still stand after withstanding natures slow but powerful degrading capacity. If you visit the Roman Pantheon, you would see, after all this time, that the building still stands prominently and in near perfection to this day. Concrete was a major catalyst to the innovation of Roman architecture. This essay seeks to explore more of the effects of Roman concrete and how it influenced the majesty of Roman architecture. It
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When Rome began adopting Greek architecture and art (The three orders of architecture, Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian) they began to make hybrid works that would represent the glory of the Roman empire while maintaining the sophistication of the Greeks architect’s prowess (Kamm, Antony. 2017). However, Roman concrete was most widely used to construct roads for troops and to help faster economic trade, as well as, being used commonly in buildings and walls. At about 120 – 124 the Romans architectural mastery was so great that they could build the circular Pantheon temple, a testament to the majesty of the Roman empire, and a place where the Romans could pray to their gods. The Pantheon dome was created in a way where the concrete for the coffered dome was poured in molds and mounted on temporary scaffolding where the center, known as the oculus, would be open for the public to see the light or night of day, and stand as a testament to the capabilities the Roman architects could
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