How Did Descartes Led Up To His Death

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Leading up to his death was pretty bad. Descartes was giving lessons to the queen of Sweden three times a week. Not only this often but also at five the in the morning. She had a very cold castle. After these lessons, they didn’t like each other. Queen Christina didn’t like his mechanical philosophy. On Rene’s side, he didn’t like Christina’s interest in Ancient Greek. February of 1650, he started to develop a cold, this cold then turned into a serious respiratory infection. He then died on February 11. Rene caught pneumonia. But his doctor, Van Wullen, said that he got peripneumonia. Van Wullen was not allowed to bleed him.
Descartes work has been well known for a while. He is often thought as the first thinker to emphasize the use of reason
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