How Did European Conquer The Aztecs

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When the Europeans were in search of faster ways to get to the East Indies, they had their preconceived notions about how the people would act and what they would find. To their surprise, "new" land was nestled in between Europe and Asia, filled with people who acted quite differently from Europeans. By taking credit as the men who discovered these lands for Europe, the conquerors felt the need to distinguish these people as savages. Thus came the idea of conquering and settling the land, with the excuse of taming and civilizing the natives. Through the goals and culture created by the Europeans, as well as other key factors, Europe was able to conquer the Americas and instill ideas of selfishness and ownership that would shape the New World for many years.
One of the key reasons for the control exerted from the Europeans was the differing cultures between Europeans and the natives. The Aztecs, while having a well-established society on many accounts, did not meet the criteria that the Spanish were looking in a society. The Spanish came into South America
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Religion was what the Spanish used as an excuse for invading the Americas in the first place. They claimed they were coming in to save the natives with Catholicism, even though they fought and killed their way into the city in the first place. Cortes would write back to Spain saying that they brought Christianity to the natives and began placing Mary in the temples, while the reality was complete control over the natives, with neglect and punishment inflicted upon them. The Spanish were also appalled by human sacrifice, a claim that the Spanish would use for many years as a reason for their behavior. This image would be in the place of many Europeans heads for many years, adding to the continued mistreatment of the natives as simple and inadequate
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