How Did Hitler Control Images And Types Of Art?

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Going into this discussion I had a hard time putting into words how I felt. There were a lot of emotions and conflicting thoughts but I will try to get my point of view across from the research that I have seen. The control of images and types of images helped Hitler by achieving a following in many ways. If something was viewed as "different" from the Nazi's views it was taken away to be burned, buried or put in the Degenerate Art Exhibition. The only types of art, literature, and music left would be what the Nazi's believed would bring obedience to their regime. The Nazi's felt that if only having what they felt was the traditional German culture that others would follow in their beliefs and be faithful to them. I believe the abstract images which Hitler viewed as "degenerate" could have contributed to what would eventually be the Holocaust in thinking, the artists were becoming more creative and less realist and not Hitler’s personal taste aesthetically. …show more content…

In the Degenerate Art Exhibition the art was placed on the walls haphazardly with derogatory statements towards the artist or art to try to bias people’s opinions of the art and to build up their regime. I felt that the reason for this was to have the viewer feel that their history and culture was not being appreciated and that the artists were in some ways looking down on them. I was very surprised that Hitler was an artist and I was not expecting to see much in his art. I tried to look at his art from an unbiased perception which was very hard. I had to tell myself that had I not known who Hitler was and the art was at an exhibit posted as anonymous how I would I see it from that point of view. I felt that some of his art was beautiful, not dark, as I was

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