How Did Juan Ponce De Leon Colonize Hispaniola

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Juan Ponce de Leon was conceived in 1460 and kicked the bucket in 1521. In 1502 Ponce de Leon was in the West Independents filling in as a Chief under Nicolas de Ovando who was legislative head of Hispaniola. In 1508 Juan Ponce de Leon went with Columbus and attempted to colonize Hispaniola and was conceded authorization to investigate the island. As a reward for stifling an Indian rebellion, he was named to be the commonplace legislative head of the eastern piece of Hispaniola by Ovando. In the wake of hearing relentless reports of gold to be found on Puerto Rico, Ponce de Leon investigated and settled that island, establishing the province's most established settlement, Capara, close what is currently San Juan. Ponce de Leon was the primary

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