How Did Napoleon Win The Revolutionary War

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Status reports of Robert Peters a Philadelphian in the Continental Army

April 22nd 1775 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The shots have been fired and there is no turning back. Minutemen and redcoats have clashed at Lexington and Concord. After almost a decade of tyranny and taxation without representation, the fight has begun and i am to make my way to enlist in the continental army.

July 5th, 1775 Cambridge, Massachusetts

Our commanding general george washington has taken command, he has come to Cambridge, Massachusetts to take command in our current positioning around Boston.

March 18th, 1776 Boston Massachusetts

Boston is ours again!in the past weeks we have been in Dorchester to start fortifying the area.
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With no casualties and moral at a new high, we might actually win this war.

Winter, 1778 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

We have taken our winter quarters at valley forge. Food and supplies are at an all time low and i am lucky enough to be of the ones who still have shoes and a coat. Disease and sickness have started and there are rumors of a military trainer arriving in the coming weeks but by the looks of it, by the time he is here there will be no one to train.

October 19, 1781 Yorktown, Virginia

Victory after victory we come to the end. Lord cornwallis has retreated after almost 3 weeks of fighting. With the generous help of the french we have triumphed and to finally go home knowing that we are all free men.


As a soldier in the Revolutionary war, Robert peters faces many battles and hardships along with the army and the new nation. From the beginning, as a loyal patriot, peters fought with all of washington's men from taking back boston, defeating the hessians, and training through the difficult months at valley forge. Finally, at yorktown there is victory and the soldiers who all fought alongside him weren't colonialists anymore but free men in this young nation. In the end, peters, now age 30, opened his own printing press and proudly told of his time as a
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