How Did Sparta's Ideologies Affect The Way Greeks Live?

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During ancient Greece, there were many ideologies that poleis were demonstrated many ideologies that affect both inside and outside the poleis. Ideologies have a major effect on the way Greeks live. Spartan’s militarism, Athens’ philosophy, and democracy are 3 ideologies out of many that have a great influence on both inside and outside the poleis. Spartan’s militarism has a great influence on the daily life of a Spartan. For instance, when an infant is born, it is determined if it is too weak or too sick to live. If the infant is, it will be killed. Spartan is centralized around its military so much that they are willing to sacrifice newborns to make their country stronger. Another example is that at a very young age, Spartan males are forced to enter into a training which prepares them to become a soldier dedicated to Sparta. A soldier is the chosen job for many Spartan males, which proves that militarism has a major effect on how a Spartan lives. Moreover, during the Battle of Thermopylae against the Persian army, a group of 300 Spartans was guarding a passage to allow the bulk of the army to retreat. During this defensive position, each Spartan soldier was able to take down 15 Persians before he falls. Spartan’s militarism affects how much damage Spartans were able to do …show more content…

For example, philosophers taught their students about both their philosophy and the world. Philosophers help Athens become more educated. Another instance is that philosophies of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle help led Athens to adopting religion. By adopting new religion, people can advance and develop as a whole. Aristotle also tutored Alexander the Great who conquered the biggest empire at the time. With the help of philosophy and strength, you are able to have an advantage against enemies. Philosophy can help leaders make a wise decision and make a huge impact on society. Athenian philosophy helped Athens develop as a

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