How Did Steinbeck Influence Of Mice And Men

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Steinbeck’s influence in of Mice and Men Steinbeck’s personal views on people he perceived as less than him shaped of Mice and Men. He had created a story that was in direct correlation with the people that he encountered in his everyday life. Steinbeck developed characters off his own biased opinions of those people. He falls into place within his own story without ever mentioning his own name. Overall Steinbeck based the story off his personal views. Steinbeck’s parents, John Ernst Steinbeck and Olive Hamilton, had both imprinted their own perspectives on him. His father was a county treasurer and his mother was a school teacher (Commire 176). He had received his economic views from his father. Due to his success and wealth, he …show more content…

They talk as if they were born and raised on a farm, and never given the opportunity to be properly educated, much like the people Steinbeck was involved with. The characters in of Mice and Men can be compared to real people from Steinbeck’s life. During Steinbeck’s days of being a ranch hand, he was surrounded by workers that represent George and Lennie. “Two migrant ranch hands, George and the mentally challenged Lennie, and their simple yet ultimately thwarted dream of owning their own land.” (“John Steinbeck”). All their lives they had jumped from job to job because of Lennie’s disability. They had experienced several difficulties due to Lennie’s inability to control himself, so their dream of a farm full of rabbits and other animals had seemed to be nothing more than a dream. Other people within the story had also been in direct relation to those of his personal life. Curley’s wife had been depicted as a harlot. This specific character could have been put into place due to Steinbeck’s several failed marriages. Steinbeck had been married to Carol Henning from 1930 to 1943, Gwyn Conger from 1943 to 1949, and then settled down with Elaine Scott in 1950 (Commire 176). Curley’s wife was referred to as a “tart” or “jailbait”, she was tempting the men in a way that no man can resist. She was doing all of this out of pure revenge, Curley left her alone on the farm all the time because he was a very busy

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