How Did The Indian Culture Affect How We Live Today?

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How did the Indian culture affect how we live today? Have you ever thought what makes up our culture? The American civilization is based on of a lot of different cultures: Europe, explorers, pilgrims and even Native Americans. While all of the factors affecting our culture are important and interesting, the Native American or Indiana culture is one of the most interesting, in my opinion. What made up their culture and what things happened to the Native Americans throughout the years is something we should all be aware of when considering our own culture? Most cultures are made up of five or six key things that make them unique. Things like language, art, people, religion, food and wardrobe. The Native Americans were just the same. I am going to show you how the Native American culture and events that happened to them left a mark on our modern American culture. What made up the Indians communities? One of the things that made up their culture is art. I loved the Native American art. Their art was unique. All of the paintings had a special meaning. They also used all sorts of this media, including: baskets, carvings, pottery, rugs, and paintings. I think my favorite of their art is their tapestry. It was always full of beautiful detail. Every part of the art had millions of meanings. That is the best part of their art. Native American artwork can still be seen today in museums. However, their ideas are being used in our culture. We craft rugs, paintings, pottery, and even
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