How Did The Military Contribute To The Decline Of The Roman Empire

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In 753 B.C.E the most dynamic city known to the world, Rome was established by their first king, Romulus. They’ve conquered through countries to broaden their culture, architecture and literature. Throughout this, Rome became perceived to the Greek influenced. After exceeding greater than 500 years, the Roman Empire survived from 27BC-476AD. The causes of the decline of Rome have been consistently been a subject of discussion and debate. The Roman military has performed an astonishing contribution towards the success and destruction of the Roman Empire. Its significance towards the Ancient Rome led this nation conquering multiple countries such as England, Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Africa and the middle east. Throughout this conquer, the Roman Empire became adequate to obtain more power and become recognized by historians as a remarkably efficient combat.…show more content…
The Barbarian knowledge of the Roman military tactics was another cause of the decline of the Roman Empire. The Roman style of warfare and military tactics by serving in the Roman army were eventually turned against the Empire and led to the sack of Rome by the Visigoths led by an ex-army soldier, Alaric. This essay will be clarifying the causes of the decline of the Roman empire through the following focus questions; to what extent has the role of military contributed to the decline of the Roman empire, what problems arose in regards to the role of military and what archaeological artefacts are used to interpret the role of
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