How Do African Americans Receive Capital Punishment?

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What really determines a criminal to be sentenced to the death penalty? Over the years, criminals who have been sentenced to the death penalty were terminated by a hanging, firing squad, gas chamber, electrocution and lethal ejection. The most common method today would be by alemal injection, administered by a physician. Overall, statistics show that African Americans get sentenced to death more frequently. Historically, African Americans are described as acting out in their society, which they are frowned upon by others in a community. Finally, how does capital punishment affect the family members that are related in some way to the criminal? There are numerous opinions and research that accompany the death penalty.
Donohue (2014) analyzed our correctional system today; the factors of race and gender have caused different judgments in our court system. …show more content…

Most women are more fragile and have domestic instincts. Our society describes women to be nurturing caregivers and less likely to receive the death penalty. Morin (2011) describes that women have religious beliefs that deter them from committing harsh crime (p.19). Waterbury, Connecticut district claims that seven percent of females are represented on death row. Gender presents a big gap in our correctional system in the preceding of capital punishment. Examples of the various methods that account towards the termination for capital punishment are clarified below.
Michael & Cochran (2011) goes in to the perspective that religion can keep individuals away from committing crimes that will lead them to capital punishment. Religion has the format of what is civil and normal in our society. Religion is interpreted to be a main source in a woman’s life according to Michael & Cochran (2011). Morin (2011) also replicated that women are more involved in religious beliefs when it comes to capital punishment

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