How Does Adichie 's Collection Explore The Notion Of Identity?

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How does Adichie’s collection explore the notion of identity? In the anthology The Thing Around Your Neck, our author exposes her readers to various characters who face challenges about their identity and sense of belonging. Many of Adichie’s characters weigh their value and sense of self against their gender. Some of her characters find security in the fact that they are male. Conversely, some of her other characters feel lost and in despair, and this may be contributed by the fact that they are at the receiving end of prejudiced treatment. Also, Adichie uses narrative strategies in order to explore some deep-rooted mentalities regarding identity. By keeping some of her characters unnamed and describing them using only their race or nationality, she seems to be challenging the concept of homogenous identity. She also seems to be encouraging her readers to recognize her characters as singular people, not as representatives of certain a certain race or nationality. Adichie also uses second person narration in some of her short stories in order for her readers to be more involved in the narrative. She exposes her readers to feelings of loneliness, anonymity and loss faced by her characters in order for them to have a more relatable grasp of their situation in the hopes that they would be able to understand and accept her characters more readily. By subjecting some of her characters to sexist and biased treatment, Adichie seeks to expose her readers to the reality of how a

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