How Does Emma Watson Impact The World

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• Emma has had an impact on the world, educating people and speaking out about equality and education for women. She has given a voice to women world wide by speaking on behalf of the UN. She has also given us who are privileged an example to follow in terms of using our opportunities to help the world.
• As Emma continues as Ambassador for UN Women, she will continue to have an impact on girls’ equality around the world . She will continue to speak to the world and inform us about issues and help people change their attitudes and actions with regards to women.
• Emma Watson is a 27 year old Actress, model and Activist, widely known for playing Hermione in the Harry Potter films.
• She is currently the Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Women and speaks avidly for the HeForShe campaign, which aims to encourage men and boys to advocate for gender equality as “gender inequality is not a ‘female-exclusive’ topic”
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• Emma has the ability to get a point across to an audience effectively and in an authentic manner.
• Emma truly believes in what she does, making her words even more compelling and believable.
• Emma inspires me I think because she keeps going and never shys away from what’s right. She could have retired or just stuck to acting like so many others, but she chose rather to go to college to become an advocate for what she believed in. Her strength in adversity leaves me in awe as she didn’t let people get to her but let their words make her

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