How Does Frederick Douglass Use Ethos Pathos Logos

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Frederick Douglass Essay Can you imagine being totally controlled by someone else and being beaten every day? In The Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, Douglass argues how slavery changes people and how it was cruel and horrific for the slave. Douglass was born into slavery where he learned how to read and write. Douglass tells his story of being a slave and how it changed him. This was used to help slaves step up and realize that they didn’t have to be treated like this and to try and get slaveholders to understand what they were doing was wrong. Douglass does this by developing pathos, using horrific diction and by using sentence variety in his novel. Douglass develops pathos throughout the novel to show just how cruel the slaveholders truly were. Douglass develops pathos when he writes “I was afraid to speak to any one for fear of speaking to the wrong one, and thereby falling into the hands of money-loving kidnappers, whose business it was to lie in wait for the panting fugitive, as the ferocious beasts of the forest lie in wait for their prey” (Douglass 113). When Douglass writes this quote he develops pathos by appealing to the readers emotions by describing how the escaped slaves were in …show more content…

Douglass uses terrifying diction throughout the novel would use words such as “shrieks”, “warm red blood” and “horror-stricken” (Douglass 24). Douglass uses descriptions like this throughout the novel to describe the whippings and beatings of the slaves. Douglass uses this intense diction to help show just how cruel and terrifying it was for the slaves. By using these words Douglass paints a better picture for the reader and helps strengthen his argument and to encourage slaves, abolitionists and slaveholders to step up and end the cruelty to the slaves. Also by using the horrific and dark diction it helps Douglass develop ethos by showing that he was

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