How Does Henry Louis Gates Use Metaphors In The Kitchen

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"In the kitchen" was written by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. He recalls and discusses how African Americans want to achieve the "good hair" and shows this incident caused a great influence on his life. And Gates use the metaphors and images to picture how hard to change their assimilation for the African Americans. In the article, Gates use his personal experience to point out what is the second meaning of "kitchen" and defiles the problem at if the hair in their will to the assimilated.

In this essay, from the first paragraph, Gates applied the skill of metaphors to depict the dual meaning of "kitchen". One of the means of the kitchen, where is for people washing clothes, cooking or do the haircut. As Gates recalls his mother very enjoys helping …show more content…

For example, Gates use like some describing words to let readers picture when they through the reading. Such as when Gates introduce the "hot handle [40]", he was in considerable detail decrease the shape and what is the small look like. And at the end of the article, Gates recalls he almost cried by Nat king Cole's song, which is "Fly me to the Moon". Here, he describes the surrounding environment, as "[his] surrounded by men in fezzes and white caftans . . . [he] feeling two million miles from home.(48). This description shows Gates in an unfamiliar restaurant and learns how to eat the food which he never eaten before. At that moment, he was very lonely. Then he continues to describe, like "old transistor radio [49]" and"[the] The restaurant's din was not affected at all, not even by half a decibel. But in my mind's eye, I saw it" [49]. Gates point the restaurant was very noisy, but he do not care, because the song was sing by African American singer. If combined with he had applied the description of his mood of lonely before. The reader can clearly felt Gate's feeling are very strong national pride at that moment. Also, the last sentence said, "[he] I managed, barely, to blink back the tears" (49). It is a strong point that Gates feel very excited because he feel proud of the identity of African Americans, they can live as the African Americans and be

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