How Does Huck Finn Build A Good Environment

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A good environment which has a correct and healthy leading is requited for a child to grow up. The growth is not only about education of knowledge, but more about to be a good person. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is one of mark twain’s famous books. The adventures of Huck and Jim (Miss Watson’s slave) on the raft is the main line of the story. Huck has grown up during the journey. A self-centered boy who only liked play around has changed into a boy who cares about others, has a right sense of conscience, is able to face and solve difficulties. At the end of the journey, Huck becomes a mature boy. What makes Huck to grow up? A good environment does. Huck’s experience on the raft provides an ideal environment for him to grow up. Having …show more content…

Jim is ignorant but kind. In the book, he takes care of Huck. Once, the fake Duke and the fake King ask Huck and Jim to stand the night when they go to sleep. It is nice of Jim that when Huck is tired, he stands for Huck and let Huck sleep. According to Huck: “I was pretty sleepy by that time, so Jim said he would stand the first half of it for me; he was always mighty good that way, Jim was” (P138). And there is another time Jim stands for Huck, and Huck says that “I went to sleep, and Jim didn’t call me when it was my turn. He often done that” (P165). Jim is just so kind to Huck, makes Huck be grateful for him. Huck appreciates what Jim done for him. Huck realizes that friends take care of each other because he sees Jim taking care of him. He would not be lonely any more. Also, Jim is a black slave; it is different from a white friend to Huck. This makes him feel the humanity from a slave. He knows the slaves are also humans but not objects because of Jim’s kindness. Huck learns those when he thinks Jim is always mighty good. It is a good environment of having Jim there, Huck is influenced by him to be kind-hearted and selfless. Huck sees the nice side of a slave instead of a bad side which is described by people in general, too. Jim is the friend who accompanies Huck, affects him to feel the …show more content…

They meet many challenges during the journey. They accidentally go on a wrecked steamship full of thieves and face a murder, when they try to get out if it, their raft is gone, this is the situation: “ But it warn't no time to be sentimentering. We'd got to find that boat now—had to have it for ourselves”(P81) Their plan was to let the boat go and make the thieves stuck on the wrecked steamship. But right now the boat becomes their only hope to escape. When they are about three days away from Cairo, a big fog separates Huck and Jim. Huck says: “the minute I flew by the foot of it I shot out into the solid white fog, and hadn't no more idea which way I was going than a dead man”(P91-92). He is scared, but he has to think a way to get out of the danger and find Jim. Of course he succeeds. But there is another problem: they have already passed Cairo because of the fog. They cannot take the raft up the stream, and the canoe is gone. They decide to keep going down instead of the original plan. These challenges tell Huck that everything is not always going smoothly, not only about the journey, but also about life. Huck realizes that everything is changing; plans can not keep up with changes. He has to learn to adjust to changing circumstances, be flexible, face and solve the problems calmly. The ability of dealing with changes and difficulties is indispensable. Challenges during the

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