How Does Jay Gatsby Reinventing Himself

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There are some people in the world who grow up in tough spots, that grow to believe that this is all they will ever encounter and this is their destiny. They believe that they don’t have the ability to be someone great. Then there’s other people in the same situations who learn and do whatever it takes to advance and escape. Jay Gatsby, the main character in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is apart of the crowd who wants and does end up advancing and escaping from his previous life. Jay Gatsby was successful in reinventing himself because he changes his entire persona, he gets rich and he does get the win Daisy over. Growing up penniless, he comes in contact with an old friend of his by the name of Dan Cody. He was a rich man who …show more content…

Going from poor, living on a farm to living in a palace is a big step. Gatsby makes everyone believe that he inherited his money. If the rich people in East Egg were to know that he didn’t then they would look down on him because he wasn’t born rich. That’s the difference between the two. West Egg is new money, while East Egg is old money. When Daisy first goes over his house, Nick and Gatsby are looking at his house and he says: “‘It took me just three years earn the money that bought it!’ ‘I thought you inherited your money.’ ‘I did old sport ,’ he said automatically, ‘but I lost most of it in the big panic --- the panic of the war’”(90). At this moment Gatsby accidentally slips up and states his truth. He proceeds to try to cover up his lie but he’s stuttering and Nick already knows that he’s lying. Just before that Gatsby and Nick were speaking and Gatsby proceeds to ask Nick if he would be interested in any work he can do to make extra money, “I carry on a little business on the side… and you might pick up a nice bit of money. It happens to be rather confidential sort of thing”(82-83). Gatsby is implying that he has a private business that only certain people know about. One can infer that his business isn’t legal either. If it was, it wouldn’t need to be private. He got into this business with Meyer Wolfsheim before he got rich. He was bootlegging, selling alcohol to people that wanted it. He got his money in a short time, with an outcome of him becoming very wealthy. So, it doesn’t matter how he got it, he still got it and he is still just as wealthy as everyone else there. Maybe even

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